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This is a transmission electron microscope image showing the new coronavirus emerging from the surface of human cells.
This is a transmission electron microscope image showing the new coronavirus emerging from the surface of human cells. (Image credit: NIAID-RML)

The Live Science community welcomes its latest addition: the Coronavirus and Epidemiology subforum

Here at Live Science, we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of our community forums. With the conversations around the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 growing daily, we wanted to make sure that forum members have a home to discuss breaking news regarding the virus, where they can easily find expert opinions and mature debates, and take part in informed discussions based on scientific facts and reports. 

This new hub will serve as the epicenter for opinion polls, debates, and questions concerning COVID-19, fueled by the latest discoveries within the global scientific community. We’ll feature the latest Live Science articles and the most recent updates on the pandemic, and if you’re looking for answers, you can direct questions toward staff writer Nicoletta Lanese in special threads, which she will answer during weekly Facebook livestreams. Some of the conversations happening right now include how the COVID-19 tests work, and how you can make the best choices for staying prepared. 

We’ll also have special guests and experts visiting the forums in the future. 

Got a question or want to share an opinion? Head on over to the new subforum, and join the conversation. 

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  • IdPnSD
    Medical science does not know why placebo effect cures the diseases. Therefore the doctors or biologists cannot explain why medicine effect is nothing but the placebo effect. Thus fundamentals are not known to the drug industry, medical doctors, and biologists. Isn’t this coronavirus time to think about what is happening? If you do not think now, we will definitely not think, when the covid-19 will end.

    Our modern science is based on the materialistic view of the universe. Yet Bible clearly says that is wrong. There are many results on the internet that also say this view is wrong. But somehow everybody is ignoring these ideas and cannot deviate from the mainstream, which is driven by money power. In the meantime people are dying.

    Bible says – “God is spirit”. Vedas also say the same thing but provides many details. It means every object has a soul, and that soul has created that object. That means you have a soul and that soul has created you. So your God is your soul. Similarly my God is my soul. Thus there is no God that created the entire universe. Every object is individually created.

    Bible also says – “We are made out of the dust”. This dust is not the dust on earth. Vedas explain that this dust is cosmic dust, the tiniest invisible particle, called root material, primordial matter or simply matter. In the same way soul is also a tiniest invisible particle that has the consciousness property, both are eternally existent.

    Thus coronavirus is also created in the same way as we are. They can affect some of us and cannot affect many also, depending on our destiny. This concept of soul theory also says that the mind cannot be inside the body but the entire body is inside the mind. Thus mind can control if I will be infected or not depending on my destiny. This is becoming too long, so I will stop here, and refer you to the article https://www.academia.edu/38590496/A_COMPARISON_OF_MODERN_SCIENCE_WITH_VEDIC_SCIENCE
  • Preetham Kumar
    Some countries, like Italy, Armenia and Malaysia, are trying safe alternative alternate treatments, with limited success.

    If feeling initial symptoms like tiredness, fever:

    * Fill hot tub or bathtub (if you don't have hot tub) at ~ 40 degrees C

    * Stay in tub for for 20 minutes

    * Repeat for maximum 3 times/week

    This can slow down viruses, until comprehensive medical care is available. Even if it is a simple flu, the relaxation will give good relief.

    This method, in general, called whole body hyperthermia, has been recommended by experts in the field such as Dr. Nagraj Huilgol:

    and Dr. Claudio Michelini .


    Dr. Preetham B. Kumar Ph.D
    Professor and Graduate Coordinator
    Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    California State University, Sacramento
    6000 J Street
    Sacramento, CA-95819-6019
    Tel: (916)-278-7949Fax: (916)-278-7215E-mail: kumarp@ecs.csus.eduhttps://www.csus.edu/faculty/k/preetham.kumar/
  • xbox
    Angela Merkel was right when she called for international cooperation on finding a solution to this virus. Because of the extent to which it is affecting us all we should be throwing everything including the kitchen sink at it. This would include trying amantadine, famotidine, remdesivir and every other "dine" and "vir" that we know of on it. Then, so that redundant efforts aren't being made there should be a central clearinghouse for the entire world on what is being attempted.

    Also, we should be checking with the Chinese on what they know. As insidious as this virus is it's hard for me to believe that it was borne entirely out of happenstance.
    A virus created by design and then a more virulent form of it released on the rest of the world?

    Well maybe, but we haven't even gotten far enough into keeping this thing from spreading much less into figuring out its inner workings. Heck, here in the US we can't even muster throwing the proper PPE, hand sanitizer, and lysol at the thing.
  • jenifar968
    i am here to draw your attention at covid-19. It is non-sense who says there is no virus or other thing one of my relative (my uncle) age 54 is facing this. He is still fighting in houston tx hospital but still his condition is not suitable. All of our family is facing panadamic situation and recommend to avoid socialism, crowd and go out without a reason. Please take it serious its not a joke. Specialists are working on vaccines WHO Adviced here to avoid https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public Please stay safe, stay at home share the disinfection solutions as you can https://www.disinfectantcleaningservice.com/ you never knew who need it. STAY SAFE!
  • sarajo
    Just as we re slowly & surely coming out of lockdown in the UK one of our towns Leicester has now had a new wae of Coronavirus
  • CV Helper
    This virus is going to be with us for quite some time by the looks of it. If anybody is healthy and able to, consider volunteering for the NHS in the UK. https://www.coronavirusforums.co.uk/138/nhs-volunteer-responders/ - This website is new and ad-free. It has had to go through Nominet (the UK governing body for domain names) to become active. There's so much misinformation online. This fact-checked science-based community is something we all need in our lives.
  • Sai Sindhoor
    My knowledge says microorganisms cannot survive on natural salt NaCl

    so what is chance of Covid virus surviving on NaCl

    and what is the effect of COVID on natural consumption of NaCl on regular consumption in a minimal amount
  • sarajo
    I dont know I dont use salt for cooking at home theres enough of it in the ingredients -I donr need more.

    Our Mayor of Manchester has been bullied by our Prime MInisterinto upgrading us (MANCHESTER -where I m from in the UK- into upgrading into Tier 3 -highest of coronavirus as talks broke down & because he refused bribery money from the PM
    What do you guys think about allowing sports teams to play again and its importance in restoring normal life? Do you think it should be postponed as other things are more important, or do you think it is good for people to be able to participate in what they love playing and watching?
  • Dr Shruti Zaveri
    We hope that in the coming weeks we are able to see an sink in the COVID-19 cases especially in busy city of Mumbai.

    Earlier the situation was stable, but due to the beginning of work-life it seems that city is not yet prepared even after nearly a year.

    I would recommend to stay as much indoors as possible, Although there is no lockdown as earlier. But safety is in our hands.

    Earlier this week, I was fortunate of been received a shot of COVID-19 vaccine, but as per me we cannot depend on it fully.

    I would recommend to intake healthy foods and juices and consult doctors if any emergency.

    Dr. Shruti Zaveri , Ph.D
    General Physician
    Axis Multispecialty Hospital
    Sai Dwar, Vastu Lane, Opposite Indigo Delicatessen,
    Oberoi Raviraj Complex Lokhandwala
    Andheri (West)
    Mumbai, India
    24/7 Tel: (022)-496-20336 | (022)-356-74275Emergency Visit: http://axishospital.in/