Photos: Take a Tour of Crater Lake National Park's Natural Wonders

Old Man

crater lake

(Image credit: NPS)

The Old Man of Crater Lake (shown here) is one of the more enduring stories of these incredibly blue waters. First reported in 1886, this elusive 34-foot-long (10 m) trunk of an old hemlock tree floating upright, moves mysteriously around the lake by the ever-present winds and lake currents. Thirty feet (9 m) of the trunk is submerged below the lake's surface, while the remaining 4 feet (1.2 m) bobs up and down across the crystal clear lake water.

A national gem

crater lake

(Image credit: TKTKTK)

Crater Lake National Park is truly one of the spectacular gems of America's National Park System. From the amazing crystal clear blue water to unique volcanic features like Wizard Island (shown here) which is a volcanic cinder cone inside the Crater Lake cauldron, Crater Lake becomes a visual testimony to the beauty and wonder found throughout the natural world.

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