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An AI-Created Soundtrack to Enhance Productivity (Sponsored)

(Image credit: Brain.fm)

Whether you’re trying to focus on work, a creative project, or simply relax after a taxing day, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand. That’s why Brain.fm has created a program that streams the perfect background music for any activity that requires you to focus or relax (or both)—and a lifetime subscription is available for only $49.99 (75% off the going rate).

The Brain.fm team uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to generate beautiful and limitless streams of music that are fine-tuned to assist you with whatever project or activity requires 100% of your attention (even if that means falling asleep).

Explore different sounds and recordings, adjust the duration of the audio stream, and even track your progress as you work.

Start increasing your productivity and reducing stress today with a lifetime subscription to Brain.fm, available for 75% off at only $49.99.

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