Mood Sweater Automatically Shows Your Feelings

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The GER Mood Sweater can show that the wearer is excited. (Image credit: Sensoree.)

If you’ve ever wondered how someone is truly feeling, maybe you can convince her to don this mood-changing sweater. Embedded with sensors, the GER Mood Sweater has lights around the collar that change with the wearer’s emotions.

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The Mood Sweater‘s technology is based on the classic lie detector test, which uses a Galvanic Skin Response or GSR for short, according to Sensoree, the design lab that created it. Hand sensors connected to the sweater read excitement levels and translate that data into different colors on the LED collar, the Guardian’s Nicola Davis reported.

Each color corresponds with a different emotion, as the Vimeo video below explains. Blue means calm or tranquil, pink means excited, yellow means ecstatic and red means nervous or in love. Maybe don’t wear this to the office if you have a crush there. Unless you can get away with saying, “It’s because I’m in love with my work!”

Sensoree was founded by San Francisco-based designer Kristin Neidlinger, who has a background in kinetic costume design and physical therapy. The site says her lab emerged from research into creating wearable tech for people with sensory processing disorder. She helps address their needs with wearable tech and interactive installations.

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This isn’t a high-tech sweater I would necessarily need to wear since my feelings are usually fairly transparent, although the cowl-shape looks flattering. But perhaps it could help those on the autism spectrum who struggle to read feelings. And I know several people who could use a spin in the sweater. They’re the ones keeping their cards extremely close to the vest.

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