Images: A Goosefish's Ethereal Veil of Eggs

Gauzy Spectacle

(Image credit: New England Aquarium)

The monkfish, or goosefish, lays its eggs in the form a veil that can be up to 60 feet long.

Egg Veil

(Image credit: New England Aquarium)

Sometimes, the egg veil is described as being as similar to bubble wrap. Each veil the monkfish lays is dotted with about a million eggs.

Ethereal Eggs

(Image credit: New England Aquarium)

This egg veil was laid by a female monkfish on display at the New England Aquarium in Boston on Sept. 23. The bottom-feeding fish can be spotted in the sand, underneath its ethereal creation.

Monkfish Egg Veil

(Image credit: New England Aquarium)

Typically, fertilization results in just 6 or 7 offspring, said aquarist Bill Murphy of the New England Aquarium.

Beast Behind the Beauty

(Image credit: New England Aquarium)

This is the goosefish that creates the incredible egg veil.

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