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Polar Bear Pals Enjoy Frozen Treat
One of the polar bears at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland enjoys a frozen treat on a warm day.
Credit: Highland Wildlife Park

With the arrival of warm weather in the Scottish highlands, the polar bears at the Highland Wildlife Park have been finding ways to beat the heat.

Arktos and Walker, both males, have been alternating between catching some rays and then jumping in their pool to cool off and splash around. Their large 5-acre bachelor pad also means the boys have lots of cool spots to alternate between a bit of sun bathing and then relaxing in the shade.

As a special treat, the polar pals have also enjoyed the occasional frozen treat.

Other animals, such as Arctic fox duo Elf and Houdini, are relishing frozen pieces of meat and fruit, and the Japanese macaques are having their daily fresh fruit served chilled. Sun worshiper Bob, the male elk, loves the heat and is lying by the pool, and the bison are enjoying some lazy summer snoozes.