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Memphis Floods: The Mississippi River has started to crest in Memphis at nearly 14 feet (4.2 meters) above flood stage. The cresting near Mud Island, Memphis, was captured on video.

Japan's New Coast: The massive quake on March 11 created a new environment in Japan. The coast sank so much in spots that high tides bring daily floods.

Nonstop Rains: Floods have also washed out large areas of Colombia, as rains have fallen nearly nonstop for 11 months.

Lonesome George: For the last member of a species of Galapagos giant tortoise, who is nearly 100 years old, the dating game hasn't been easy.

Costly Disasters: Disasters have already caused more than $300 billion in losses so far this year, roughly the same as in all of 2010, according to the United Nations.

Tornadoes' Tiniest Victims: The historic tornado outbreak that rocked the South in late April knocked down huge swaths of trees, injuring wild birds. One wildlife shelter is helping the birds on their road to recovery.

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