Panda Bears, Penguins Celebrated in Google Earth Day Doodle

A sneezing panda bear and a diving penguin are two of the animals featured in Google's playful Earth Day doodle today (April 22).

Explore the doodle with your cursor to wake up a few other critters. We won't spoil all the surprises, but there's also a frog, a butterfly and a fish, who might wish you'd left him alone. Click here to see the doodle or watch a video of it below. Click on the doodle itself for a listing of Earth Day search results, including this year's Earth Day theme, "A Billion Acts of Green."

After poking around, check out pictures of real pandas, penguins and butterflies that OurAmazingPlanet has recently covered.

In 2010, Po the panda was born at Zoo Atlanta on Nov. 3. Today, the little guy is growing up and learning to walk.

See if you can identify the penguins in the Google doodle from this lineup of all 18 penguin species .

At the live butterfly exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History , visitors came face-to-face with the 500 fluttering tropical butterflies living inside.

{youtube H0kOm59eRI0}

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