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Our Daily Planet: April Fool's Day Snow and Fugitive Beasts

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Fugitive Beasts: The Bronx Zoo's escaped Egyptian cobra sent shivers down the spines of New Yorkers, but she is only one of a few scary creatures recently on the loose in New York City. The others were much, much bigger. [Related: Found! Bronx Zoo Cobra Alive & Well.]

Mexi-Cali Quake: A magnitude-3.2 earthquake struck the California-Mexico border last night, 16 miles (26 kilometers) southwest of Calexico, Calif.

Rudy Passes: The Los Angeles Zoo's popular African elephant, Ruby, died on Tuesday at the age of 50. She was one of the oldest African elephants in captivity.

Spring? April Fools!: A nor'easter is bringing snow and wintry weather today. No joke. If you live in the Northeast, try not to be too jealous of those in the Southwest, where temperatures are expected to be 20 degrees above average today.

Florida Tornadoes: Preliminary reports indicate that six tornadoes hit Central Florida yesterday. Storm survey teams are now working to confirm how many twisters struck the state. [Related: Invisible Storms: Rain-Wrapped Tornadoes Strike Florida ]

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