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Our Daily Planet: Cyclone Carlos and a Vanishing Volcano Glacier

Each weekday morning, OurAmazingPlanet takes the pulse of the Earth, reporting on natural phenomena and exploration news from around the globe.

Cyclone Carlos: Tropical Cyclone Carlos hit Darwin, Australia bringing record rainfall and knocking down trees.

Mount St. Helens Tremor: A magnitude-4.3 earthquake rumbled near Mount St. Helens in Washington on Monday. The quake was the largest near the volcano since 1981. [Images of Mount St. Helens Before, After and Now ]

Volcano Glacier: Scientists warn that glaciers on top of Mexico's Iztaccihuatl volcano could vanish by 2015. [In Images: Tracking a Retreating Glacier ]

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Brett Israel
Brett Israel was a staff writer for Live Science with a focus on environmental issues. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from The University of Georgia, a master’s degree in journalism from New York University, and has studied doctorate-level biochemistry at Emory University.