Our Daily Planet: Yellowstone Opens and San Francisco's Fragile Bay

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Fragile Bay: Four years into a big push to revive the damaged San Francisco Bay Delta, the West Coast's largest estuary, the project is in just as bad a shape as the delta itself.

Save the Apes: To protect forests and curb climate change, tackle ape conservation, Jane Goodall says.

Russian Road: A controversial swath of highway through Russia's ancient Khimki oak forest will be built.

Buried Treasure: There's no telling what you'll find while exploring sunken ships. One diver recently uncovered a stash of hundreds of bottles of champagne from the 1800s. [Related: Gallery: Shipwreck Alley's Sunken Treasures .]

Yellowstone Opens: Yellowstone's winter wonderland is now open. [Related: Top 10 Most Visited National Parks .]

Avalanche Survival: Before exploring wintry national parks, know your snow, and how to stay safe on backcountry ski slopes.

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