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Ask A Drone Pilot, in English or Spanish! Transcript of Web Chat

irmamurillo: Hola, que tal?

Herman: Estoy bien gracias. \\ I'm fine thank you.

tclopper: Do you have to account for magnetic declination when navigating the aircraft?

Herman: Yes, we do accounts for magnetic declination. \\ Si tenemos cuentas para declination magnetica.

Akarsh_Valsan: What do you feel when when you control unmanned aerial vehicles from the Ground Control Station?

Herman: Obviously, I feel nothing since I am flying from the groud, but I put myself in the plane and treat it as if I was in the airplane. \\ Obiamente, No siento nada porque estoy in la tierra, pero me siento como si estuviera en el avion.

Akarsh_Valsan: Which was your favourite unmanned aircraft?

Herman: My favorite UAV is Ikhana since I have most of my experience in that plane. \\ Mi favorito es Ikhana porque en el tengo mas experiencia.

achordj: How far does the aerial plane fly from you?

Herman: We can fly anywhere in the world, I can be in California and the plane can be thousands of miles away. \\ Podemos volar a cualquier lugar en el mundo, yo puedo estar en California y el avion puede estar a miles the kilometros.

Rodrigo: Para que tipo de misiones se utilizan los vuelos no tripulados? Qué ventajas tienen con respecto a los vuelos regulares?

Herman: Los utilizamos para volar a lugares que son muy peligros donde aviones regulares no pueden volar. \\ We utilize them to fly to dangerous places where regular airplanes can't fly.

lissette: Usan estos aviones para la guerra??

Herman: NASA usa estos aviones para estudios de ciencia y aeronautica. \\ NASA uses these airplanes to study science and aeronautics.

Linda_Fuhrman: Do you ever interact with the scientists directly, or learn about how your flights affect their research?

Herman: Yes, the Scientists are in the same room with us given us feedback on the mission. \\ Si los cientificos estan en el mismo cuarto que nosotros y nos dan information acerca de la mision.


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