Our amazing planet.

Electric Earth

Gigantic Flash


Intense cloud-to-ground lightning was caught using time-lapse photography during a nighttime thunderstorm.

Wonder of the Sky


Shown above are multiple cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning strokes, during a nighttime thunderstorm.

High Voltage


Thunderstorm and lightning takes place shortly after sundown.

Lightning Strike


Lightning strikes over homes in Toronto, Canada.

Electric Discharge


Multiple cloud-to-ground lightning strokes are captured in this great lightning shot.

Perfect Aim


Lightning strikes a tower and outcomes a beautiful display of electric charge in the night sky.

Streaking Strokes


Fantastic display of lightning as it streaks through the evening skies.

View From Above


This photo captures cloud-to-ground lightning in stunning and dramatic form.

Through the Storm


This photo captures a lightning storm taking place over Boston in 1967.

Touchdown on Earth


Time-lapse photography captures cloud-to-ground lightning during a nighttime thunderstorm in Norman, Oklahoma - home of the NSSL.

Fill the Sky


Multiple cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning strokes caught using time-lapse photography during a nighttime thunderstorm.

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