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Teen Becomes Youngest to Finish Antarctica Marathon

Well, this will make you feel lazy: A 14-year-old just became the youngest person to complete a marathon on Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica.

Winter Vinecki, aptly named in this case, finished the Antarctica Marathon on March 30 in 4:49:45, which put her in third place for the women's race, Runner's World reported. That's more than four hours of running in 22-degree (Fahrenheit) weather.

Vinecki is attempting to run a marathon on all seven continents to bring attention to the plight of those with prostate cancer, after her father died of the disease in 2009. With Antarctica under her belt, she has Europe, Asia, South America and Australia to go. (She's already run marathons in North America and Africa.) She plans to complete all four before she turns 15. Amazing.

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Andrea Thompson
Live Science Contributor

Andrea Thompson is an associate editor at Scientific American, where she covers sustainability, energy and the environment. Prior to that, she was a senior writer covering climate science at Climate Central and a reporter and editor at Live Science, where she primarily covered Earth science and the environment. She holds a graduate degree in science health and environmental reporting from New York University, as well as a bachelor of science and and masters of science in atmospheric chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology.