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Made in America: Sperm One of Country's Hottest Exports

Sperm cell fertilizing eggs.
An illustration of a sperm cell penetrating an egg. (Image credit: Jezper, Shutterstock)

Sperm is a hot commodity, and when these sexy swimmers come from American lads they're even more so.

The United States may be one of the world's biggest exporters of sperm, according to The Verge. Most of the sperm served up at the Seattle Sperm Bank gets sent overseas to Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. The world's largest sperm bank, California Cryobank, exports 10 percent of its goods internationally.

Why? Ethnic diversity, for one. But perhaps even more alluring are the tracking and testing. "The U.S. has some of the world's highest standards for disease testing and donor screening. The FDA defines sperm as human tissue, and regulates it much as it does the donation of organs," the Verge reports.

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Jeanna Bryner
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