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Underwater Resort Ready For Construction

underwater resorts
(Image credit: Poseidon Resorts.)

A completed design for an underwater resort has reached it's final phase. Aptly named "Poseidon Resorts," the underwater retreat will be constructed in the lagoon of a private island in Fiji. According to the company, it will take about two years to complete.

The project is inspired by underwater research habitats and will sit about 40 feet underwater. A total of 51 bubble-like units will be part of the resort. If the idea of literally sleeping with the fishes makes you a little queasy, don't worry, 26 of those suites will be over the water just barely above sea level. The resort will also house typical hotel features like a bar, spa, conference room and even a wedding chapel, in case you want to have a really great "We eloped!" story.

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Connecting the underwater part of the hotel to the above water section seems tricky, but the design has it pretty well laid out. Two piers will link the sections with elevators to get between the levels. One week, which is the minimum stay required, will set you back about $30,000 dollars when it's complete. This price includes airfare, four nights in a beach suite and two in an underwater one, as well as a submarine expedition during your stay.

Pretty pricey, but with other underwater resorts, like Hydropolis, nipping at Poseidon's heels, expect that price to go down over the coming years.

This story was provided by Discovery News.

Christina Ortiz