Time Warner Confirms Nationwide Internet Outage

Time Warner
(Image credit: Time Warner)

Time Warner Cable experienced a massive Internet outage across most of its service markets on Monday morning, the company has confirmed.

Time Warner Internet subscribers from New York and Los Angeles to Dallas and Kansas City, Mo., were unable to connect to the Internet for less than a minute this morning.

"We are up and running, and still investigating the cause and scope of the outage," said Jeff Simmermon, director of digital communication at Time Warner Cable via a tweet to TechNewsDaily.

For those still experiencing outage issues, the company suggested "rebooting your modem and then your router." [Read: Social Media Statistics: Mind-Boggling Facts About the Medium]

Time Warner Cable took to Twitter immediately following the outage to inform its customers about the outage:

"We appear to be recovering from a large but brief internet outage affecting most of our service areas," Time Warner wrote on its Twitter account, @TWCableHelp. "Please attempt to connect again."

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