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Through the Years: A Gallery of the World's Toilets

Sanitation in Nepal

A newly built toilet in Nepal.

(Image credit: WaterAid / Marco Betti)

A family stands outside their award winning toilet built with WaterAid's assistance in Beli, Terai region, Nepal

Toilet in Asia

Squat toilet in Asia.

(Image credit: Colman Lerner Gerardo, Shutterstock)

A "squat-pot" style toilet built into the floor, a common design in many Asian countries.

Luxury Bathroom

A bidet in a high-end bathroom.

(Image credit: Kletr, Shutterstock)

For those who'd like a little luxury in their restroom, there's always the bidet option.

Bathroom at 20,000 Feet

An airplane toilet.

(Image credit: Xaviar Marchant,Shutterstock)

Airplane toilets use little water and lots of suction to suck waste into a storage tank until it can be emptied.

Toilet in Space

A space shuttled toilet.

(Image credit: Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience)

Possibly the highest-tech toilets are those used by astronauts in space. Here, a mock-up of the toilets on the Space Shuttle at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Tex.