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What the Heck Is This?

You can see this involves water. But what's happening, and what's behind it?

If I were to give any clues today, you'd figure it out right away. So you're on your own.

See the full size image and a description below …

It's the splash of water coming off the tail of a humpback whale as it dives.

Humpbacks migrate farther than any other mammal, and they do so with amazing accuracy. They swim 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) between breeding and feeding grounds (sometimes much farther) and are typically on course within 1 degree over hundreds of miles. [Top 10 Most Incredible Animal Journeys]

A humpback whale tail is displayed as the animal dives in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay. (Image credit: Anne Smrcina, NOAA/SBNMS)
Robert Roy Britt
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