Wow! Wild Volcanoes in Pictures

Enter at your own risk

(Image credit: USGS/HVO)

A branch of a lava stream drips down a small cliff at the head of bench, and one flows onto bench in what’s called the “Mother's Day flow” from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano.


(Image credit: USGS/HVO)

The view shows lava spigots at the front of the bench. Lava is fed through a tube to the brink of a bench and then falls to sand below.

On Dangerous Ground

(Image credit: USGS/HVO)

Suddenly a person appeared in this picture view, almost directly above the falls at the very edge of the delta. He didn't stay there long, moving instead a little southwest, perhaps for better perspective. Officials warn the public, “please, take that time, heed the warnings, don't go beyond the rope barrier, and don't blindly follow those who might venture onto the delta.”

Dribble Dribble

(Image credit: USGS/HVO)

A close-up view of some lava nearing the end of its liquidity.

Grand Entrance

(Image credit: AP Photo/David Jordan)

The lava puts on a spectacular show as it splashes into the sea.

Pavlof volcano eruption

Pavlof volcano eruption

(Image credit: Royce Snapp)

The snow-covered Pavlof Volcano, located in Alaska's Aleutian Islands, is seen erupting on Sunday, March 27, 2016. A photographer in Cold Bay snapped this picture of the ash rising into the sky.