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Bug-Eating Plant Uses Raindrops to Capture Prey
Pitcher Plant
October 25th, 2015
Carnivorous pitcher plants use falling raindrops to force prey to their doom, a new study finds.
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'Corpse Flower' Blooms in Denver: How to Watch Live
Denver Corpse Flower Blooms
August 19th, 2015
The first-ever bloom of a stinky "corpse flower" in the Rocky Mountain region is happening here today (Aug. 19).
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Marijuana May Trigger Allergies in Some People
Leaves of the marijuana plant
March 6th, 2015
People can be allergic to marijuana pollen, and with the increasing cultivation of the plant, allergies are rising, experts say.
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Common Mullein: Stunning Photos of the 'Flannel Leaf' Plant
Common mullein - leaves
August 30th, 2015
Common mullein, Verbascum thapsus, is a perennial herb that was first introduced into the United States in the mid-1700s. Check out these photos of a fascinating plant.
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Smells Fishy: Putrid 'Corpse Flower' Blooms
UC Berkeley Corpse Flower
July 28th, 2015
"Trudy" the corpse flower burst into bloom at the UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley, California, on Saturday, July 25. These rare plants smell like rotting meat.
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How Plants Affect the Global Carbon Cycle
Caroline Farrior studies trees

January 24th, 2015
Caroline Farrior uses math to understand the old plants play in the global carbon cycle so scientists will be able to predict the path of climate change.
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Dino-Killing Impact Remade Plant Kingdom, Too
September 16th, 2014
Harsh conditions after the dino-killing meteor impact favored fast-growing plants, nudging forests toward a new pecking order
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Denver's 'Corpse Flower' Really Does Smell Like Rotting Meat
the first bloom for the 13-year-old plant
August 20th, 2015
A rare bloom from a huge tropical plant has crowds in Denver waiting in line for hours.
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Smelly Corpse Flower Set to Bloom
titan arum
November 18th, 2014
In a matter of days, perhaps hours, a rare corpse flower will bloom in upstate New York. True to its name, the plant is expected to unleash a stench like rotting flesh.
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