Apple to Unveil 'Smart Home' Software Next Week, Rumors Say
A "smart" house is one that can be controlled remotely -- or even better, controls itself.
Credit: Brian A Jackson, Shutterstock

Rumors are circulating that Apple is poised to introduce a new software platform next week that will enable people to use their iPhones or iPads to control lights, appliances, thermostats and other devices in their homes.

Apple could present the "smart home" technologies at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which is being held June 2-6 in San Francisco, according to PC Mag. The new software is designed to streamline smart home capabilities, and make it easier to use Apple devices to program anything from fridges to TVs to air conditioning units.

Apple is one of several companies touting the future of smart home innovations. In January, Google purchased Nest Labs Inc., a company that produces smart thermostats and smoke alarms, for $3.2 billion. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled its Smart Home concept, which includes programmable smart TVs and home appliances that can connect to Samsung smartphones, reported PC Mag.

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