Amazing Photos: Polar Bear Expedition in Svalbard, Norway

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Polar Bear on the Ice

Credit: Brutus Ostling/WWF-Canon.
In April, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) and Canon photographers spent nearly two weeks on a research expedition to the…Read More »

islands of Arctic Norway. A former U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker ship served as their research vessel. Through aerial surveys and on-the-ground fieldwork, the team searched for polar bears on the ice and any females emerging from denning sites. The team collected biological samples as well, to learn more about the how the bears are doing. They also paid close attention to the sea-ice conditions, as sea ice is critical habitat for bears and their primary prey, seals. The following photos reveal the stunning scenery and realities of fieldwork in the harsh Arctic environment, and some of the initial findings from the expedition. [ Polar Bear Monitoring More Crucial as Ice Dwindles (Op-Ed)]   Less «
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