Images: 'Kraken' Trolled the Triassic Seas

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Snagging a Snack

Credit: Art by Raul Martin, © 2013 National Geographic Magazine, Reproduced with permission (ONE-TIME USE)
A giant sea monster, the likes of the mythological kraken, may have swum Earth's ancient oceans, snagging what was thought to be the sea's top predators…Read More »

— school bus-size ichthyosaurs (shown here) with fearsome teeth. The 'Kraken' likely drowned or broke the necks of the ichthyosaurs before dragging the corpses to its lair, akin to an octopus's midden, according to a controversial theory put forth by Mark McMenamin, a paleontologist at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts in 2011.   Less «
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