In Photos: Ancient Egyptian Skeletons Unearthed

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Magical burial?

Credit: Photo courtesy the Amarna Project
Archaeologists have discovered two ancient Egyptian skeletons, dating back more than 3,300 years, which were each buried with a toe ring made of copper…Read More »

alloy, the first time such rings have been found in ancient Egypt.

One of the two, a man who lived more than 3,300 years ago and died around the age of 35-40, was buried in textile and plant-stem matting and a copper alloy toe ring on his right foot. Researchers believe that he likely wore the ring while he was still alive. They note that he suffered a number of injuries during his lifetime, including several broken ribs and fractures of his left radius, right ulna, right foot and right femur. The ring may have been a magical attempt to heal these injuries. His burial was disturbed by tomb robbers.   Less «
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