Take an Anatomical Safari: Photos of Inside-Out Animals

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Anatomical Safari

Credit: © Gunther von Hagens, Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg, Germany

Gunther von Hagens, creator of the controversial yet wildly popular Body Worlds exhibit, has taken his penetrating vision to the world of non-human animals,…Read More »

big and small, with his new exhibit "Animal Inside Out" at the Natural History Museum in London. The exhibition is an anatomical safari under the skin of some of nature's most impressive creatures. Take this muscle-y elephant, for instance, one of the giants of the show.

"Usually you see our specimens as skeletons, stuffed animals or preserved in alcohol," Georgina Bishop, exhibition developer at the museum, said in a statement. "At Animal Inside Out, visitors will see animals close up in a whole new way and in the most amazing detail as they get under the skin of some of nature's most incredible creatures." Take a look at some of the highlights.
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