Best Periodic Table Gifts

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Science savvy individuals deserve a gift that speaks to their nerdy side, honoring that calculated love with thoughtful mementos. For recipients with a chemistry habit, the best place to begin is with the elements, as in the periodic table of elements. This chemistry classic appears on everything from decor to clothing. So, there's something to fit every personality. We've collected the perfect periodic table gift options to excite the chemistry aficionado in your life.

Staff pick

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Sunlit updated periodic table of elements shower curtain

Suds up next to science with this elemental curtain

Hydrogen and oxygen combine to make your shower possible. Why not commemorate this magical combination of elements with a periodic table shower curtain? All of the elements are charted on this colorful bathroom-defining curtain, made of machine washable polyester fabric. It's the perfect way to give your space a little scientific inspiration.

Casual chemist

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Feelin Good Tees I wear this shirt periodically t-shirt

Signature scientific tee for sporadic use

Sure to be a chemist's casual go-to tee (some of the time), this scientific shirt sets the periodic table with a little humor. The cotton crewneck is detailed with every element and a cheeky expression. Choose from a variety of color options to make this tee a wardrobe staple. 

Scientific scarf

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Etwoa periodic table infinity scarf

Chemistry-chic infinity scarf offers all the right elements

The ideal scientific accessory combines chemistry and fashion. This chic scarf is detailed with cheery element-filled squares from the periodic table. Its easy infinity design is shaped in airy polyester fabric, offering an effortless touch of character to any ensemble. The best outfits come down to the right elements, and this science-savvy accent is the perfect periodic addition.

Key to chemistry

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CP Lab Safety periodic table of elements lanyard

Wearable key-keeper with chemistry flair

Keep your keys close, and the elements closer, with this periodic lanyard. This classic, double-sided key-holder is detailed with a chain of colorful elemental blocks, as seen on the periodic table. It's finished with a 1.5-inch metal clip to attach a key ring for easy accessibility. That's right, wearing keys just got cool.

Periodic pillow cover

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Moslion periodic table pillow cover

Cover pillows and couches with chemistry

Chuck a little chemistry on a sofa or bed with this periodic table pillow cover. This scientific find, sure to be the subject of conversation, fits 18-by-18-inch pillows. Each element is realized in bold, colorful hues, the periodic print offering character to both sides of the satiny square. The vibrant graphic contrasts with the black background for an extra special pop.

Periodic puzzle

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Eurographics Periodic Table of Elements 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Discover the periodic table in 1,000 pieces

Combine the 1,000 pieces of this periodic puzzle and uncover all of the elements. This colorful jigsaw features the vibrant squares from that fundamental table from hydrogen to lawrencium. Once assembled, this puzzle will measure a sizable 19.25-by-26.5 inches. 

Periodic blocks

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Uncle Goose periodic table blocks set

Stackable scientific blocks featuring the elements

Babies will handle the elements with this colorful collection of blocks. They'll assemble their version of the periodic table by stacking the element-accented cubes. Each of the 20, 1.75-inch wooden blocks features six elements, perfect for tots beginning to learn the wonders of chemistry.

Periodic presents

Finding a superb gift for the chemist in your life doesn't have to be difficult, just begin with the periodic table. This colorful element-filled chart is the star of many gift-worthy items, designed to inject a little science flavor into homes and even wardrobes. Our staff pick is the Sunlit updated periodic table of elements shower curtain because it splashes color and personality into any bathroom, transforming ordinary tub and shower combinations into scientific sanctuaries. This standard-size curtain is anything but, with a full-color print of the periodic table. It's shaped in easy polyester and cleans in the washing machine. This gift is a no-brainer.

For those just beginning their love for chemistry, the Uncle Goose periodic table blocks set is a great foundational choice. Future chemists will enjoy this set of 20 elemental cubes, configuring periodic charts as they stack and play. Each side of the 20 wooden cubes is printed with an element, so babies will be introduced to what chemistry has to offer.