Best Measuring Spoons

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From science experiments to home economic assignments to baking cookies with grandma, you need a reliable set of measuring spoons that will ensure precise measurements of all the ingredients. Here are some of the best measuring spoons including sets designed especially for the classroom. The best is the Spring Chef heavy-duty measuring spoons. These are made from stainless steel to keep from corroding over time and have more narrow spoon bowls to make it easier to reach inside small or narrow jars and containers. 

Best overall

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Spring Chef Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Heavy-duty measuring spoons

This set of six stainless steel measuring spoons can be used in the kitchen or in a lab to ensure precise measurements each time. 


  • Oblong shaped spoons 
  • Six spoons in the set 
  • Engraved measurements on each spoon 


  • Made in China 

The Spring Chef heavy-duty measuring spoons are the best because the bowls are oblong instead of round to make it easier to get into all sizes of jars and containers without a problem. They aren’t too deep, either, so narrow openings in spice boxes are easy to get into, also. On the handle of each of the six spoons is engraved the US Standard measurement and the Metric measurement. Because they are engraved rather than stamped on the measurements won’t wear away as fast. The spoons are grouped together on a handy ring that is easy to open. The only negative feedback users give this set of measuring spoons is that they are made in China

Best stainless steel measuring spoons

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1Easylife Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Long-lasting measuring spoons

These stainless steel measuring spoons will keep for a while without rusting and include a two-year warranty. 


  • Made from stainless steel 
  • Metric and US Standard measurement on each spoon 


  • Deep bowls may not fit in smaller containers 

This set of six stainless steel measuring spoons have both the Metric and US Standard measurements etched into each spoon. Measurements range from 1/8 teaspoon (0.63ml) to 1 tablespoon (15ml). The spoons come threaded through a steel D ring to keep them all together and make it easier to single out the spoon you need as you work. But the ring is easy to open if you want to remove a spoon entirely from the set before using it. The bowls of each spoon are rounded and quite deep. It may be difficult for these spoons to fit inside some spice jars and smaller containers. Because these measuring spoons are made from stainless steel they won’t rust. They also come with a two-year warranty. 

Best plastic measuring spoons

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KitchenAid Plastic Measuring Spoons

Budget-friendly with quality, too

This plastic measuring spoon set from KitchenAid comes in eight different colors with five different sized spoons. 


  • Metric and US Standard measurements 
  • Shallow bowls 
  • Eight fun colors to choose from 


  • Measurements may wear off 
  • Won’t last as long as stainless steel spoons 

This five-set measuring spoons set from KitchenAid come in eight different colors. Made from durable plastic, they are easy to clean and have both Metric and US Standard measurements printed on them. The bowls aren’t too deep, so they will slip through more narrow container openings a bit easier than deeper bowl spoons. The measurements range from 1/4 teaspoons (1.25ml) to 1 tablespoon (15ml). There isn’t a 1/8 teaspoon included with this set. Each spoon sits on to a matching colored ring to keep them all together, but they can be easily removed when you need to use one. These plastic spoons won’t hold up as long as stainless steel ones, and you can count on the measurements to rub away after some time. 

Measuring spoons for laboratories

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LaMotte Soil Test Measuring Spoons (Set of 5)

Become the next Einstein

This set of measuring spoons by LaMotte is designed for scientific research, specifically for soil samples. 


  • Designed for laboratory use 
  • Long handles to avoid contamination 


  • Not for kitchen use 
  • Not for use with hot substances 

This set of measuring spoons by LaMotte is designed specifically to measure out soil and for research projects. Made from plastic these measuring spoons can be used in any field or school laboratory, though they aren’t the best for measuring hot substances. The long handles allow you to reach materials in deep jars without having to strain, and it helps keep your hands free from contaminating your samples as they are collected. There are five spoons in this set with measurements on the handles for grams rather than teaspoons, tablespoons, or milliliters. This set of measuring spoons is not recommended for everyday use in cooking or baking. 

Best classroom measuring set

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Learning Resources Classroom Liquid Measuring Set

Creating an environment of learning

This measuring set includes spoons, specimen jars, and measuring cups. Everything is made of durable plastic. 


  • A whole measuring set 
  • Designed for liquid measurements 


  • Measurement markers rub off after time 

This set includes more than just measuring spoons. It has a set of measuring cups, liquid measurers and five measuring jars with lids included. This set is ready to help your class have a whole lot of learning fun. Designed specifically for liquid, the spoons and other equipment are all clearly marked with the measurement amount each holds. Each of the 19 pieces has both the Metric and US Standard measurements on them. Everything is made from durable plastic that can handle multiple uses. But because the measurements are stamped on they will eventually wear off. 

Best stackable measuring spoon

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Fsdifly Stackable Measuring Spoons

Easy to store between uses

This stainless steel measuring spoon set nestled inside each other so they can be stored together without taking up a lot of room. 


  • Two standard measurements on each spoon 
  • Rust resistant
  • Stacks for easy storage  


  • Doesn’t have a 1/8 teaspoon 

This stackable measuring spoon set has a different, bright color assigned to each spoon to help you quickly figure out which one you need. Each spoon nests inside the one bigger than it and all can be stored together on the included ring. Most of this spoon set is made from stainless steel, so it will last a long time without rusting. Plus, they are dishwasher safe. Both the US Standard and Metric measuring systems are imprinted on each spoon. This set only has five spoons that range from 1/4  teaspoon (1.25ml) to 1 tablespoon (15ml). It doesn’t come with a 1/8 teaspoon. 

A quick dollop of info 

Spring Chef heavy-duty measuring spoons can be used for any number of tasks. You can use them in the classroom to teach measurements or to get precise measurements of substances for a science experiment. These spoons are also handy in the kitchen for baking pies or cooking a casserole. This set comes with six spoons including a 1/8 teaspoon that is often omitted in other sets. The bowls of these spoons are long rather than round, so they fit in more jars and containers than other measuring spoon sets. The spoons come strung on a stainless steel ring but are easily removed if you need to use only one. You can wash them in the dishwasher and, because they are made from steel, they will last a long time without rusting. 

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