Best Gifts for Chemistry Lovers

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Periodically you'll have to buy a gift for the science enthusiast in your life, specifically a chemist or chemist-to-be. (If you are that person, you just might have to treat yourself.) To find the perfect gift, you'll need to consider everything, right down to the molecule. The gift has to possess a balanced combination of elements: chemistry flair, humor, and function. To help you get just the right reaction, we've compiled the very best gifts for chemistry lovers.

Staff pick

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Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co. never trust an atom t-shirt

Casual cotton tee made up of all the right stuff

Getting dressed is a science with this fun chemistry-inspired tee. It's playful screen-printed atomic graphic features quippy text for a look that is sure to get a laugh, no matter what. This wardrobe essential is shaped in soft cotton and available in both unisex and women's sizing. We trust that this shirt will find the right closet, just add it to your cart.

For coffee drinkers

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American Scientific caffeine beaker mug

Add a beaker of coffee to the morning routine

For those who need that extra jolt of java in the morning, this beaker-style mug is plucked right from the lab. The mug, printed with the molecule for caffeine, mimics a chemist's glassware, so coffee is measured by the milliliter. It's made of sturdy borosilicate glass, so you know it's safe for holding hot beverages again and again.

For the bathroom

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Sunlit updated periodic table of elements shower cutrain

Standard bathroom curtain for periodic showers

It takes a couple of elements just to enjoy a shower. A little bit of hydrogen and oxygen, and boom, you get water. It's only fitting that the elements making up our daily bathroom routine, be realized in a shower curtain. This standard-size curtain is made of machine-washable polyester and finished with a colorful representation of the periodic table.

For wine aficionados

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Periodic Tableware beaker wine glass

A glass for fans of chemistry and wine

Days at the lab can be long, so measuring a glass of wine after work might be a necessity. With this beaker-style wine glass, wine-loving chemists can take in a little (or a lot) of their favorite label. (In this case, the printed milliliters markers are just a suggestion.) The glass is crafted in strong borosilicate glass and is dishwasher safe.

For the bar

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Periodic Tableware shot glasses set

Turn bars into laboratories with this four-piece glassware set

Measure out a round of shots with this set of miniaturized laboratory glassware. A welcome addition to a chemist's bar cart, this four-piece set features scaled-down versions of essential lab equipment, including two Erlenmeyer flasks and two beakers. Mixing shots is a fun and scientific experiment with this novelty collection.  

Give the gift of science

Fans of all things chemistry deserve a sciencey gift from time to time. These gifts should be equal parts fun and functional, playfully commemorating the field they know and love. There are a variety of creative options out there, but the best place to start is with clothing. The Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co. never trust an atom t-shirt playfully picks on the smallest unit of matter with a cheeky atom print and humourous phrase. This comfortable tee is shaped in lightweight cotton and is available in both women's and men's sizing.

For chemists who are coffee enthusiasts, the American Scientific caffeine beaker mug offers a bit of laboratory fun to that time-honored morning beverage. This mug emulates scientific glassware, taking the shape of a standard beaker. It features a caffeine molecule graphic and milliliter measurements so coffee consumption can be tracked.