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Sarah E. Myhre
Sarah Myhre is a climate and ocean scientist with expertise in marine paleoecological responses to past events of climate warming. Using ocean sediment cores, geochemistry and microfossils, Myhre has published on the drivers and outcomes of past abrupt climate change. She is also a skilled and passionate science communicator, with experience giving public testimony to legislative committees, speaking with lawmakers, writing Op-Eds, communicating with journalists and training fellow scientists in climate communication. Her research has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, the LA Times, Yale Climate Communication and Rolling Stone. From congressional offices to the ski slopes in her Pacific Northwest community, Myhre has worked with regional businesses to communicate climate change to the public and to decision-makers. Myhre is at the forefront of the community of scientists who share the responsibility to communicate climate science to political, and sometimes contentious, governing bodies.  

Articles by: Sarah E. Myhre