Future Cell Phones Might Literally Reach Out and Touch

Future Cell Phones Might Literally Reach Out a

Designers around the world are busy designing the next generation of cell phones that will still drop calls—but look exceptionally cool doing it.

Cell phone giant Nokia recently collaborated industrial design students from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London to come up with the cell phone of the future.

The winner, Daniel Meyer, created a phone that would double as a stand-up picture frame; the screen would show pictures of family members and friends, creating a comforting familiar focal point at home, at work or when away.

Forrester did not know what to expect but was pleasantly ready for anything. What he got was indeed a kiss. It was disconcerting. No kissing lips were visible. There was a hint of perfumed breath, then a pressure on the lips - warm and soft, moist and sweet. Startled, he touched his mouth. "How the devil did you do that?" he shouted. "Sensory stimulation through the tactile net, Man Forrester..." (Read more about the phone with the tactile net kiss)

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