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Mass Death of Champion Horses Prompts Investigation

A flurry of mysterious deaths felled a team of champion horses, just moments before a polo match at the United States Open Polo Championships in Wellington, Florida. Veterinarians failed to save 14 horses which collapsed prior to the match, and a total of 21 horses from the same Venezuelan team died within 24 hours.

Scientists have ruled out infectious disease as a cause, and have begun examining the horse feed and supplements as well as screening blood for toxins. Outside experts say that sabotage is only a remote possibility behind the deaths of the horses, each worth more than $100,000.

"These are the best horses in the world," Dr. Scott Swerdlin told The Takeaway. He is a horse veterinarian at the Palm Beach Equine Clinic in Florida. "If you were looking at athletes, it'd be like a plane crash of the greatest football players in the world."

[Hear the full story at The Takeaway]

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