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In Photos: New Clovis site in Sonora

El Fin del Mundo

Sonora Clovis site

(Image credit: Vance T. Holliday)

A Clovis campground excavated on a Sonora, Mexico, ranch is one of the oldest ever found. Gomphothere bones show the Clovis people hunted the extinct elephant relative. [Read the full story.]

Gomphothere jaw

Sonora gomphothere

(Image credit: Vance Holliday/University of Arizona)

A gomphothere jawbone as it was found in place, upside down, at the El Fin del Mundo site in Mexico.

Gomphothere teeth

Gomphothere jaw

(Image credit: Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales/Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia)

This gomphothere jawbone was unearthed at a Clovis hunting site in Sonora, Mexico.

Elephant ancestors

Gomphothere reconstruction

(Image credit: Sergio de la Rosa)

Sculptures by artist Sergio de la Rosa show three elephant relatives, from left to right: the mastodon, the mammoth and the gomphothere.

Clovis artistry

Sonora Clovis point

(Image credit: INAH Sonora)

A quartz Clovis point from El Fin del Mundo, an archaeological site in Sonora, Mexico.

Clovis points

(Image credit: Center for the Study of the First Americans/Texas A&M University)

The Clovis blade technology spread rapidly across North America. Here are Clovis points from various sites in the United States.