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Photos: June Snowstorm Hits Glacier National Park

Snow Storm Strikes

(Image credit: Glacier National Park)

A surprise late-season snow storm pummeled Montana's Glacier National Park and parts of Utah and Idaho on June 17. Glacier National Park is notorious for its unpredictable weather.

The Snow Fall Begins

(Image credit: Glacier National Park)

Here the snow is just beginning to fall. The snow storm delayed the opening of the popular Going-to-the-Sun Road in the park.

Sperry Chalet Gets Buried

(Image credit: Glacier National Park)

Sperry Chalet in the northern part of the park was blanketed with over a foot (0.3 meters) of snow.

Snow Plows Clear the Snow

(Image credit: Glacier National Park)

Snow plows were called in to clear out some of the snow pack. Visitors to the park were forced to hole up in lodges and cabins until they could be dug out.

Divide Creek Floods

(Image credit: Glacier National Park)

Snow was not the only danger. Rain at lower elevations caused Divide Creek in Glacier National Park to swell and spill over its banks.

St. Mary Campground is Submerged

(Image credit: Glacier National Park)

St. Mary Campground flooded and park officials were forced to close the area.

Big Drift Blanketed in Snow

(Image credit: Glacier National Park)

The weather is expected to clear up in a few days, but flood watches are still in effect and the snow plows still have work to do.

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