Photos of the Best Preserved Bog People

Tollund Man

Tollund Man

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

The body of Tollund Man was discovered in 1950 in a Danish peat bog. The body was so well preserved, that the person who discovered it thought it was a modern corpse. Further analyses suggested that it was actually about 2,400 years old.

Cashel Man

Bog body

(Image credit: Ossory, Laois, and Leinster)

Cashel Man, discovered in central Ireland, is thought to have been a young king who was ritualistically sacrificed about 4,000 years ago.

Kreepen Man

bog body

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

Kreepen Man was discovered in a German bog in 1903. His body has since fallen apart.

Yde Girl

bog girl

(Image credit: Drents Museum, Carnegie Museum of Natural History)

A 2,000-year-old young female bog body, dubbed the Yde Girl because she was found next to the village of Yde in the Netherlands.

Warrior at Alken Enge

bog skull

(Image credit: Curator Ejvind Hertz, Skanderborg Museum)

This skull, uncovered among the remains of many other warriors at Alken Ange in Denmark, has a mortal wound in the back of its cranium.

Iron Age woman, Denmark

Bog woman

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

An Iron Age (1,200 to 550 BC) woman discovered in a Danish bog.

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