'Soda Pot': Company to Unveil Medical Marijuana Drink

A California man is planning to take medical marijuana and make it fizzy and sweet.

Clay Butler, a commercial artist based in Soquel, Calif., is a partner in the company Diavolo Brands that plans to market soda containing THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana , according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The drink would contain between 35 and 65 milligrams of THC, the Sentinel reported.

Several flavors will be available: "Canna Cola" will taste like cola, "Doc Weed" will taste like Dr Pepper and "Sour Diesel" will be lemon-lime flavored. "Grape Ape" and "Orange Kush" will also be produced, the company told the Sentinel.

Although other drinks containing THC exist, Butler wanted to develop products that seemed less like they were made by mom-and-pop companies and more mainstream. "How Snapple or Coca-Cola or Minute Maid would make a marijuana beverage, if they ever chose to do it," he told the Sentinel.

Butler and Diavolo Brands founder Scott Riddell plan to sell the drinks for $10 to $12 for a 12-ounce bottle, the newspaper said.

The products are set to be launched in Colorado in February, and will be tentatively available in California medical-marijuana dispensaries sometime this spring, the Sentinel said.

Because of federal laws disallowing the use of marijuana for any purpose recreational or medical the makers of the beverage have to manufacture the product only within states that allow medical marijuana use. For example, if the soda is sold in California, it must also be manufactured in California, the Sentinel reported.

Pass it on: Pot soft drinks will soon be available in Colorado and possibly California for medical use.

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