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Beijing Sees Heaviest Rain in More Than 60 Years

Rainfall around Beijing from Typhoon Vincente
Estimated rainfall around Beijing from Typhoon Vincente, with the highest rainfall amounts corresponding to the darkest blue areas. (Image credit: NASA)

Beijing saw its heaviest rainfall in 61 years as Typhoon Vincente walloped the Chinese capital over the past few days.

The state news agency Xinhua reported that rainfall over Beijing averaged 170 millimeters (almost 7 inches), and reached 460 millimeters (18 inches) in the city’s Fangshan District.

Measurements from NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite and other satellites were used by NASA analysts to produce a new, color-coded image of the rain that fell over Beijing on July 21-22. The heaviest rainfall — more than 175 millimeters (7 inches) — appears in dark blue and is clustered around Beijing. The lightest rainfall —less than 25 millimeters (1 inch) — appears in light green. Trace amounts of rain appear in yellow.

Because the image is an estimate over a large area, there could be small pockets of heavier rain that don't appear, so overall measurements could differ from those made from the ground, a NASA statement noted.

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