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Best Earth Images of the Week - Feb. 10, 2012

Best Earth Images of the Week

Etna's dramatic eruption on Feb. 9, 2012.

(Image credit: Boris Behncke)

Rare species discovered in new places, spectacular images of eruptions and cyclones we have some amazing photos for you this week. Check them out!

New Homes for Rare Crocodile

WCS Conservationist Carol Bogezi holding a pygmy Nile crocodile.

(Image credit: WCS)

A team of Ugandan researchers, conducting population surveys of these poorly understood crocodiles in Kidepo Valley National Park, are finding new areas that are home to one of the least known crocodilians in Africa, the pygmy Nile crocodile. There is also evidence of young crocodiles in the new areas.

[Full Story: Rare Pygmy Nile Crocodile Found in New Spots]

Eyed from Space

Tropical Cyclone Jasmine on Feb. 7, 2012.

(Image credit: NASA.)

As strong as a Category 4 hurricane, Tropical Cyclone Jasmine has clipped the island of Anatom, Vanuatu with no casualties or damage so far. The storm was expected to pass New Caledonia then head east.

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Wildlife Reserve Preserving Big Cats

Male bengal tiger in India

(Image credit: © Debamalya Roy Chowdhury / WWF-India)

Conservationists snapped the first known images of a Bengal tiger in an area of northern India that is important habitat for the endangered species.

[Full Story: First Tiger Photos Snapped in India Corridor]

February Records Broken

snow storm, canceled flights, closed roads

(Image credit: NASA.)

A record-breaking snowstorm struck Colorado in early February 2012, closing an interstate highway, grounding flights, and dropping more than a foot of snow on the Denver area. After moving out of northeastern Colorado, the storm left heavy snow across Nebraska. The National Weather Service explained that northeastern Colorado generally experiences storms of this magnitude in March or April, and the February storm showed some of the same characteristics of powerful spring storms.

Colorado ski resorts welcomed the precipitation after suffering from below-normal snow cover so far in the 20112012 ski season, but the new snow raised the risk of avalanches. As of February 6, the Colorado Avalanche Information Center reported considerable avalanche danger across much of the state.

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Caught in Action

Etna's dramatic eruption on Feb. 9, 2012.

(Image credit: Boris Behncke)

After nearly two weeks of mid-level eruptions, Mount Etna in Italy produced a new paroxysmal eruptive episode. While not as energetic as previous events, this one lasted more than 5 hours.

More activity is expected in two weeks.

[See the video: Dramatic Eruption of Mount Etna Caught in Photos]

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