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Our Daily Planet: Texas Freeze and Barrier Reef Blasted

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Texas Fish Freeze: The recent winter storms that hit the South didn't damage Texas fisheries as much as feared, yet hundreds of turtles have died, according to preliminary aerial surveys.

Forest Service Logjam: The U.S. Forest Service has been caught in a legal bind, which has prevented both logging and conservation. It said Thursday it was revising its planning rules to take more control over national forests to help find common ground.

Barrier Reef Blasted: Cyclone Yasi and ongoing flooding have socked Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The wet weather has forced polluted water into the fragile ecosystem. [Related: Great Barrier Reef Clouded by Sediments Stirred by Storm ]

Warm Weekend: Much of the United States will have an uneventful weekend weather-wise. In case you miss the snow, check out these photos of snow cover from the year's storms .

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Brett Israel
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