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Our Daily Planet: Southern Snow Storm and Small Glaciers Disappearing

Each weekday morning, OurAmazingPlanet takes the pulse of the Earth, reporting on natural phenomena and exploration news from around the globe.

Southern Snow: Snow has covered many Southern cities, such as Atlanta, where Georgia is under a state of emergency. The storm is heading to the mid-Atlantic and Northeast next.

Australia Flooding: Flash floods hit the Australian city of Toowoomba, killing 2, washing away cars and trapping people on their roofs.

Mastodon Moved: An Ohio museum moved a 10,000-year-old mastodon skeleton so that visitors won't be greeted with its rear as they enter the museum.

End of Small Glaciers: Most of the world's smaller glaciers will be gone by 2100 (opens in new tab), according to a new report.

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