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Our Daily Planet: Los Angeles Storms and Iran's Earthquake

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The Wet Coast: Los Angeles is reeling from its storm of the decade, which brought floods, landslides and record rainfall, with more on the way. Forecasters are puzzled by what could be L.A.'s wettest December in history.

Heathrow Frozen: A few inches of snow has shut down London's Heathrow airport, leaving passengers fuming.

Earthquake in Iran: A strong 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck Iran yesterday, killing 7 and injuring 33.

What's the Catch?: The fishing industry's explosive growth has affected ocean ecosystems, but how much this growth has depleted biodiversity is under debate.

Nature Newsmaker: Jane Lubchenco is the journal Nature's Newsmaker of the Year (opens in new tab). Read about how she faced the Gulf oil spill, and about her goal to revolutionize U.S. ocean management.

Lunar Eclipse: Miss last night's lunar eclipse? Here's the video.

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