Armpit Screens Are The Pits

Pitvertising is a distressing new medium created by those geniuses from Right Guard deodorant. It consists of digital TV screens built into the armpits of shirts.

The company has sent male models out among the public in London; as the male model raises his left arm, the digital display is revealed in his armpit.

The thing that I'm really afraid of is that this is only the first of a variety of digital screens or messages that will be placed in locations that I do not wish to see. I do not want to be approached by a stranger who suddenly gestures to reveal a hidden screen; I'm sure readers can think of a few.

For example, I do not want to hear anything unusual from advertising displays. For example, the ad billboards that include a Holosonic audio "spotlight" that focuses sound in such a way that you hear the advertisement right inside your head are too creepy for me. I also do not want advertising to jump out at me from extreme plasma projection screens.

Source: Ananova.

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