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Images: Mayan Calendar Carvings

Mayan Carvings

Ancient Maya carved block

(Image credit: David Stuart)

A new discovery in La Corona, Guatemala reveals 7th-century Maya hieroglyphs.

Mayan Blocks

Carved blocks at La Corona

(Image credit: Jocelyn Ponce)

The ancient city of La Corona was badly damaged by looters, but researchers recovered 22 carved blocks from a staircase, 10 of which were in their original positions.

Translating Hieroglyphs

David Stuart at La Corona

(Image credit: Tulane University)

The University of Texas' David Stuart undertakes the translation of carved blocks found at the ancient Mayan city of La Corona.

Detailed Carvings

Hieroglyphs on Mayan carved block.

(Image credit: David Stuart)

A detailed look at the carvings on Block 5, found at La Corona in Guatemala. The carvings tell a political history of the city and its allies and enemies.

Block 8

A carved block from La Corona

(Image credit: David Stuart)

Carved blocks uncovered at La Corona show scenes of Mayan life and record a political history of the city.

Studying the Ruins

Archaeologists excavate Mayan Ruins

(Image credit: Antonia Cajas )

Archeologists examine the carved stairway blocks found at La Corona.

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