Top 3 Causes of Workplace Stress Revealed

Health care costs, workplace safety and the rate of absenteeism among fellow employees are the top three causes of work-related stress, according to a new survey.

Businesses are deploying an arsenal of weapons to help employees cope.

“Employers increasingly realize they must address the rising tide of employee stress, and not just to improve employees’ well-being,” said Barry Hall, principal at New Jersey-based Buck Consultants, which conducted the survey. “Those who ignore stress will take a hit to their bottom line, in higher costs and lower productivity.”

Previous studies have shown that stress in the workplace leads to bigger waist lines and a host of health problems and also depression. In short, scientists say, stress is deadly.

The most frequently employer-offered service is employee assistance programs, which were cited by 78 percent of respondents as being offered to help employees deal with stress. Flexible work schedules were mentioned by 63 percent.

Others methods for helping employees deal with stress were: work/life balance support programs, leadership training, healthy lifestyle programs, on-site fitness centers, financial training classes and stress awareness campaigns.

The survey, conducted at WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference in May, with the results released this week, included results from 250 respondents. 

This article was provided by BusinessNewsDaily, a sister site to LiveScience.