Tsunamis are a series of massive waves that ripple out from the earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide or underwater detonation that caused them. These huge waves can travel thousands of miles across ocean basins. While out at sea, wave heights are small, but as a tsunami approaches shore, the rise of the continental slope means water levels are shallower, and the wave begins to narrow and become higher. Read below for the latest news on tsunamis and tsunami research.
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Mega Tsunami with 50-Foot Waves Swallowed Ancient Island
A researcher chisels out a rock sample for dating. Scientists have found evidence that a tsunami triggered by a volcanic collapse swept huge boulders like this one into the highlands of the island of Santiago.
October 2nd, 2015
The 300-foot tsunami, which was triggered by a volcanic collapse, engulfed an island off the west coast of Africa some 730,000 years ago. The finding suggests similar disasters might pose a major hazard for people living on islands and coasts.
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California Faces Threat of Earthquake-Triggered Tsunamis
Regional Peak Tsunami Map
September 6th, 2015
Californians may be used to hearing about the threat of potentially deadly earthquakes, but a new study finds that quake-triggered tsunamis pose a greater risk to Southern California than previously thought.
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2011 Japan Tsunami Unleashed Ozone-Destroying Chemicals
An aerial view of damage to Sukuiso, Japan, a week after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami devastated the area in March, 2011.
April 3rd, 2015
The 2011 Japan tsunami released thousands of tons of ozone-destroying chemicals and greenhouse gases into the air.
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Tsunami Science: Advances Since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tragedy
Indian Ocean Tsunami
December 26th, 2014
As the 10th anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami approaches on Dec. 26, greatly expanded networks of seismic monitors and ocean buoys are on alert for the next killer wave.
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Continental Collision Could Trigger California Tsunami
carlifornia borderlands area
June 1st, 2015
A network of undersea faults off the coast of Southern California could produce huge quakes that could send tsunami waves crashing into Los Angeles, new research suggests.
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2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Had Deadly Predecessors
2004 tsunami
April 28th, 2015
Indian Ocean tsunamis destroyed one of the world's most important silk-route ports in the 15th century, new research finds.
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Are Ocean Asteroid Impacts Really a Serious Threat?
An artist's concept of an asteroid, poised to strike the Earth.
December 31st, 2014
A new simulation predicts that relatively small asteroids could cause big waves on the U.S. coastline, but not everyone thinks the threat is real.
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