Borneo Photos: Discovering the 'Other Galapagos'

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Evolution’s Wonderland

Credit: Jesse Lewis for Live Science
The wet, heavy heat of Borneo stirs in discontent as thunder growls and booms through pensive air. Overhead a barrage of storm clouds scrapes the roof…Read More »

of the jungle itself. In the dense understory a deafening hum from an incomprehensible number of insects creates an atmosphere of overwhelming fecundity.

This is Borneo: a giant equatorial island divided by three nations — Brunei and Malaysia in the north, and Indonesia in the south.

With an area covering 743,330 square kilometers (287,000 square miles) Borneo is the third largest island in the world. Surrounded by tropical seas and straddling the equator, the island contains some of the oldest rainforests and richest biodiversity on Earth. Big muddy rivers, warm shaggy jungles, monsoonal rains, time and isolation have all made it evolution's wonderland ...   Less «
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