In Photos: Spider Rock Art Discovered in Egypt

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A broken panel

Credit: Photo by Salima Ikram, North Kharga Oasis Survey, cropped by Owen Jarus.
Archaeologists have discovered a broken panel that depicts the only known example of spider rock art in Egypt and, it appears, the entire Old World. It…Read More »

was discovered in a valley in the Kharga Oasis, in the western desert, about 108 miles (175 km) west of Luxor. The main panel, shown here, contains a few spiders. The spider at far left is beside a “star” that may actually be an attempt to depict a web.

The images that look like combs are more enigmatic and could be insects the spiders are trying to trap, plants, or even silken tubes spun by the spiders. The panel’s date is uncertain but based on other signs of human activity found nearby it could date back to around 4000 BC or earlier, well into prehistoric times.   Less «
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