72-Year-Old Man Survives in Wilderness by Eating Squirrels
Gene Penaflor got lost while hunting deer in heavy fog in California's Mendocino National Forest.
Credit: Screenshot from CNN

After getting lost in the Mendocino National Forest, spending 19 days surviving on small game, Gene Penaflor, 72, has been rescued by a hunting party who heard his cries.

On Sept. 24, Penaflor became separated from his hunting buddy in heavy fog. He stepped into a crevice and hurt his knee. "After that, all went dead — I passed out, I don't know [for] how long," he told CNN. When Penaflor woke up, he was lost. In an effort to save energy, Penaflor said rather than trying to take down big game like deer, he survived on algae, a snake, three squirrels, and water from a creek. He made a fire of dry leaves and kept it going day and night until rescue crews could find him. 

After getting a clean bill of health from the hospital, Penaflor is now at home with his son.

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