2012 London Olympic Torch Route: Final Week

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Final week

Credit: LOCOG
The 2012 London Olympics games are just a few days away!

Over the past nine weeks, OurAmazingPlanet has taken a virtual sight-seeing journey along the torch route. The torch has wound its way throughout the United Kingdom, first entering the country in Cornwall, then winding through Wales, then across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland and back again to Scotland. Over the last few weeks it has made its way throughout England and even taken a jaunt to the Channel Islands.

The relay is winding down, but some of Britain's most famous sites such as the Tower of London and Big Ben remain to be visited as the torch this week finally comes to London and travels around the many boroughs of the host city before it is taken to the Olympic Stadium to usher in the Games of the XXX Olympiad, which runs from July 27 through Aug. 12, 2012.

For this final week of the torch relay, the route ventures past the infamous Tower, over the Prime Meridian, through the historic City of London and past the Queen's residence of Buckingham Palace. The final leg of the journey will take the torch in the Queen's barge up the Thames and to the Olympic Stadium, where the games will begin.

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