2012 London Olympic Torch Route: Week 6 Sights

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Nottingham Castle Day 41

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Nottingham Castle stands high on Castle Rock, overlooking the city of Nottingham and has a history dating back to the Norman invasion. William the Conqueror…Read More »

built the first castle, which was made of wood, on the site in 1067. A stone version was erected by Henry II around 1170. In 1194, Richard the Lionheart reclaimed the castle from his brother John.

In 1330, Roger Mortimer, the lover of Queen Isabella, was captured by supporters of the queen's son, King Edward III, who entered the castle through a tunnel cut into the rock that is called Mortimer's Hole and can still be seen today.

The castle also figured in the English Civil War and was held by parliamentary forces for much of the war. The commander of the troops that held the castle was given permission to demolish it in 1651.

The house as it now exists was finished in 1678 by the Second Duke of Newcastle, whose father purchased the site and began construction of the house. The house was later looted and set on fire in the early 19th century and then later restored to become a museum.

Other caves besides Mortimer's Hole can also be toured, including King David's legendary dungeon and the Duke of Newcastle's wine cellar. The tour is an arduous one though, with over 300 steep steps.   Less «
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